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Dr. Hélène Perrault, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences

Welcome to our website!

Human health and well-being is a matter of interest to everyone, from private citizens to officials at the highest levels of government.

This is why the Faculty of Health Sciences strives for excellence in its teaching and places a strong emphasis on research.

Offered in both official languages, our undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs cover seven health-related fields. In collaboration with other faculties, we also offer a multidisciplinary PhD program in population health and have entered into agreements with more than 250 clinical agencies and community organizations to offer our students the best clinical experiences and training possible. Our educational requirements are such that we can provide our students the innovative training they need to ensure and promote the health and well-being of individuals and populations alike. Our students will become healthcare professionals and recognized researchers highly sought after by top employers.

The Faculty of Health Sciences strives for perfection, and our innovative teaching methods and state-of-the art research programs are gaining us a place among national and international leaders. In choosing the Faculty of Health Sciences, you are choosing excellence and investing in a great future.

Enjoy your visit. I look forward to having you at the Faculty of Health Sciences!


Hélène Perrault, PhD

Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences

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