The personal essay questions are an important part of the screening of candidates for the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHCNP) program. Your scores will be based on your ability to address all of the questions in a comprehensive manner. We suggest you include examples of your experiences to illustrate your responses. Answers that are overly brief or very general will not score a high mark. Your written submission is a key factor in determining whether you are selected for admission to the PHCNP Diploma program

Personal Essay-PHCNP

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1. What is your motivation for wanting to become a PHC nurse practitioner rather than an adult nurse practitioner or a pediatrics nurse practitioner?*

2. What professional and personal attributes would you bring to the role of nurse practitioner in primary health care? *

3. Please describe primary health care and how you understand the role of the nurse practitioner in primary health care.*

4. Given that each course requires at least 15 hours of preparation time per week, in addition to course and clinical placement hours, please describe specific strategies you would use to meet the demands of the program.*