First class of the MSc program in interdisciplinary health sciences
Dr Linda Garcia, director of the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences discusses with five students.
Postdoc assisting laboratory members in a health science wet lab.
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HSS news and information

Bringing the beats to reproductive health
Recent studies have shown that reproductive and sexual health problems affect youth significantly, yet youth are missing from the debate on these issues. Jillian Gedeon, a master’s student in health sciences, believes the answer lies in “artivism,” combining art and activism, and using music and dance to get important messages across. And so she recorded a rap about the importance of family planning.

Why do so few Canadians know about a free pill that can prevent HIV?
December 1 is World AIDS Day. It marks 30 years since HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, was first identified. While we have come a long way from the time when there were no treatment options for HIV, the latest statistics still paint a bleak picture. Professor Patrick O'Byrne (School of Nursing) explains why that is and how the HIV PEP - a treatment used to prevent new infections - can make a difference.

New initiative for inclusive disaster preparedness, response and recovery
Numerous reports and studies have shown that the needs of people with a disability during natural disasters and disasters brought on by humans are often understated and misinterpreted. To address this gap, researchers from the University of Ottawa and community partners gathered under the umbrella of the EnRiCH Project to develop an approach to promoting resilience as a disaster management strategy. The broader application of the strategy will be promoted through a major new initiative, the EnRiCH Collaboration, which brings together over 60 academic, government and community partners in nine countries.

Welcome to all the new students of the Faculty of Health Sciences!
Welcome Week is the best way to discover the campus, meet your future best friends and get acquainted with University of Ottawa students and staff from across campus! Dozens of activities are planned, including mandatory information sessions. Sign up today!


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