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Health issues are not bounded by political borders.  In an increasingly globalized world, in which identities, cultures, economies and activities transcend specific geographical places, it is important to look at health across nations.  The University of Ottawa is at the forefront of academic institutions seeking to embrace a transnational ethic; and the Health Sciences program sees international health as an important subject matter on which to build a grander perspective for the tackling of health issues across all societies and classes.

Presently, our vanguard class in this matter is HSS4331, International Health Theory, which is offered in both English and French, and which serves as the prerequisite for our international placement class, HSS4933.  Both classes explore health disparities between so-called developed and developing nations, from an interdisciplinary perspective that includes epidemiology, economics, history, political science, law and medicine.

The Health Sciences program also maintains a strong relationship with the Shared World Initiative a student-led that focuses on multidisciplinary teamwork, global partnership and sustainable development in several key locations around the world.