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Ivy Lynn Bourgeault

Full Professor
Room : STW 227
Phone : (613) 562-5800 ext. 8614
Fax : (613) 562-5632
E-mail : ivy.bourgeault@uOttawa.ca
Professor Ivy Lynn Bourgeault


Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa.  She is also the Scientific Director of the recently established pan-Ontario Population Health Improvement Research Network and the Ontario Health Human Resource Research Network both housed at the University of Ottawa with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care.  She was recently awarded the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Chair in Health Human Resource Policy which is jointly funded by the federal ministry of Health Canada.  Dr. Bourgeault has garnered an international reputation for her research on health professions, health policy and women’s health.  She has published widely in national and international journals and edited volumes on midwifery and maternity care, primary care delivery, advanced practice nursing, qualitative health research methods, and on complementary and alternative medicine.  She has been a consultant to various provincial Ministries of Health in Canada, to Health Canada and to the World Health Organization.  Her recent research focuses on the migration of health professionals with a particular focus on Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Australia for which she was awarded a Canada Research Chair in Comparative Health Labour Policy which she held in her previous position at McMaster University.  Dr. Bourgeault sits on the international editorial board of Sociology of Health and Illness and the Journal of Marketing and Management in Healthcare as well as on the Institute Advisory Board of the CIHR Institute of Health Services and Policy Research.

University degrees

Year Degree Specialty Institution
1996 Ph.D. Community Health University of Toronto
1992 M.Sc. Community Health University of Toronto
1989 B.Sc. Psychology University of Alberta

Research Interests

Dr. Bourgeault’s research focuses on health professions and health human resources, alternative health care, women's health and health care, and the international migration of health care providers.  Topics of interest have included:

  • Midwifery and Maternity Care
  • New Professional Roles & Expanded Roles for Health Professionals
  • Relations Between Health Professionals and Work Organizations
  • Rural and Remote Women’s Health and Health Care
  • Complementary and Alternative Health Care
  • International Migration of Health Professionals
  • Populations Health Improvement
  • Qualitative Health Research Methods

Current projects include:

  • On the Move: The Migration of Health Care Providers into and out of Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Australia (CIHR).
  • Brain Drain, Brain Gain or Brain Waste: A Comparative Examination of Health Care Providers Who Migrate To Canada (SSHRC).
  • Immigrant Health Care Workers in Aging Societies (SSHRC)

Selected Publications

  • Bourgeault, I., Benoit, C., & Hirschkorn, K. (2009) Comparative perspectives on professional groups: Current issues and critical debates. Current Sociology, 57(4) 475-485.
  • Bourgeault, I., DeClerq, G., Sandall, J., Wrede, S., Vanstone, M., van Teijlingen, E., DeVries, R., & Benoit, C. (2009)  Comparative Perspectives on Consumerism in Maternity care: Maternal Request Caesarean Sections in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Finland.  Special Issue of Advances in Medical Sociology, Volume 10 on Patients, Consumers and Civil Society. pp. 99-123.
  • Bourgeault, I.L., & Wrede, S. (2008) Caring beyond borders: comparing the relationship between work and migration patterns in Canada and Finland. Special Issue of The Canadian Journal of Public Health on “Finding Dignity in Health Care and Health Care Work” edited by C. Benoit & H. Hallgrimsdottir. 99 (Supplement 2), S22-26.
  • Bourgeault, I.L., Kuhlmann, E., Neiterman,E., & Wrede, S. (2008) Comparing Approaches to Defining and Implementing Optimal Skill Mix.  Health Evidence Network - European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, Policy Brief Series.
  • Bourgeault, I.L. (2008) On the Move: The Migration of Health Care Providers into and out of Canada. In B. Singh Bolaria & H. Dickenson Health, Illness & Health Care in Canada. (invited). pp. 76-98.
  • Bourgeault, I.L., & Darling, L. (2008) Crossing Boundaries in Canadian Maternity Care: Barriers and Facilitators to Collaborative Practice.  In E. Kuhlman & Mike Saks (Eds.), Rethinking Governance, Remaking Professions: International Directions in Health Care. The Polity Press: Bristol. (invited). pp. 95-110.
  • Bourgeault, I.L. & Hirschkorn, K. (2008) CAM integration in interprofessional context: nursing, midwifery and medicine in Canada. In J. Adams & P. Tovey (Eds.), Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Nursing and Midwifery: Towards a critical social science. (invited). pp. 11-32.
  • Bourgeault, I.L. (2006) Sociological perspectives on health and health care. In Dennis Raphael, Toba Bryant, Marcia Rioux (editors), Staying Alive: Critical Perspectives on Health, Illness, and Health Care. Canadian Scholar’s Press: Toronto. pp. 35-58.
  • Bourgeault, I.L. (2006) Push! The Struggle to Integrate Midwifery in Ontario. (McGill-Queen’s University Press)
  • Bourgeault, I.L., & Khokher, P. (2006) Making a better living from caregiving: comparing strategies to improve wages for care providers.  Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 43(4) 407-426.
  • Bourgeault, I., & Mulvale, G. (2006) Collaborative health care teams in Canada and the U.S.: Confronting the structural embeddedness of medical dominance. Special Issue of Health Sociology Review on Medical Dominance (invited). 15(5) December, 481-495.
  • Bourgeault, I.L., Luce, J., & MacDonald, M. (2006) The caring dilemma in midwifery: balancing the needs of midwives and clients in a continuity of care model of practice. Community, Work and Family. 9(4), 389-406.
  • Bourgeault, I.L.  Gendered professionalization strategies & the rationalization of health care: midwifery, nurse practitioners, and hospital nurse staffing in Ontario, Canada. Knowledge, Work and Society, 3(1), 25-52, 2005.
  • Bourgeault, I.L., Benoit, C., & Davis-Floyd, R. (Eds.)  Reconceiving Midwifery.  McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2004
  • Bourgeault, I.L., Lindsay, S. Mykahalovskiy, E. Armstrong, P., Armstrong, H., Choiniere, J., Lexchin, J., Peters, S., & White, J.  At first you will not succeed: negotiating care in the context of health reform. Research in the Sociology of Health Care, 22, 261-276, 2004.

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