Faculty | Health Sciences

Vision, mission and values


: An approach to analyze and integrate knowledge and experiences from various disciplines to address health issues.


Mission – our raison d’être

The Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences is dedicated to providing excellence in teaching and research in both French and English that promotes integrated health science knowledge with the intention to prepare students for employment in government and public health agencies, for professional education and for advanced scholarship.

Vision – what we aspire to

The Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences offers an administrative structure that enhances learning and scholarship in French and English around complex health problems that require interdisciplinary approaches. Students learn to apply strong scientific principles to complex health contexts that are not necessarily, in and of themselves, disciplinary. Professors who are scholars in their own disciplines adopt interdisciplinary visions of their work and the work of others while navigating between disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts in both teaching and research.

Values – what defines and drives us

The School’s values are integrated with those of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the University of Ottawa. 

  • A school that thrives on interdisciplinarity. We see health promotion, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder or trauma as complex problems necessitating multiple, integrated approaches ranging from biological to psychosocial, individual to population health.

  • A school that strives to create the best learning environment for its students. We see learning as a partnership between faculty and students and are committed to creating the best learning environment and student experience possible for our students as they continue to discover.

  • A school that thrives on research. We conduct first-class research in the health sciences which enriches what and how we teach. We encourage the sharing of methodologies and approaches across the basic sciences, clinical sciences, health services research and socio-cultural- environmental health research.

  • A bilingual school. We promote bilingualism and the interaction of our French and English streams.

  • A school that values cultural diversity. We recognize the contribution of the many cultures and communities that are represented in our student body and we encourage our students to view the determinants of health in the context of this diversity.

  • A school committed to promoting Francophone communities We help prepare students for admission to health professions that will service Ontario’s French-speaking population and provide scholarship in identifying the health determinants affecting the francophone population living in minority situations in Canada. We prepare students to work in public health agencies in the French language.

  • A school that builds strong partnerships to fulfill its social responsibilities We strengthen our programs to work in partnership with local, national and international partners that help guide our research and teaching around health initiatives. We enhance our learning environment and student experiences through these partnerships and through experiential learning and service to the communities.

  • A school that offers an excellent working environment for its staff We adhere to the principles of diversity and equitable representation. We strongly believe in enhancing the personal development of each and every individual that contributes to the development of our school.