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  • March 3rd, 2014

    Being cold boosts healthy hormone

    Professor Pascal Imbeault (HK) says his research shows that a little shivering boosts levels of a cholesterol-lowering and cancer-fighting protein. Read CBC report
  • February 18th, 2014

    CONFERENCE - BrainTalks 2014

    The Faculty of Medicine class of 2017 Charity Committee is pleased to present the BrainTalks 2014 Conference, which will be held on March 1st in Amphitheater A, Roger-Guindon Hall. This conference presents a multi-disciplinary approach to brain injury prevention, treatment and recovery. The curriculum will appeal to medical, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and science students, as well as health care. Please go to the registration web page to purchase your tickets.
  • February 13th, 2014

    World's only calorimeter on campus gauges how hot the human body can get

    Recent research led by School of Human Kinetics professor Glen Kenny suggests that after years of fighting flames, older firefighters build up a greater tolerance to heat.

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