Research work in nutrition sciences laboratory with professor Chantal Matar and patient.
Picture illustrating different nutrition labelling
A professor demonstrates an experiment to two students in a wet lab.
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Nutrition Sciences news and information

Recruiting participants for a study evaluating the effect of language and immigration on eating habits and weight of school-aged children.
Looking for Francophone women born in Canada, sub-Saharan Africa or the Caribbean, and Anglophone women born in sub-Saharan Africa or the Caribbean, living in the Ottawa region and having a child aged between 6 and 12 years. Led by a team from the University of Ottawa in partnership with community organizations.

Language requirements for admission to the Nutrition Sciences program
All persons looking to be admitted to the Honours program in Nutrition Sciences must attend one of the exam sessions organized program. The candidates should register themselves to an exam session. They will be held on the following dates: Jan. 17 and Feb. 21, 2015.


Interdisciplinary Joint Appointment
Mentoring Centre