Faculty of HS | Nutrition

Program Goals and Philosophy


The Bachelor in Nutrition Sciences program enables students to

  • Recognize the qualities of foods and how foods are used
  • Evaluate the nutritional requirements of both healthy people and those with various illnesses or nutritional disorders, throughout their life cycle
  • Suggest action plans and create programs to help people of all ages to develop healthy nutritional habits 
  • Develop diets based on peoples’ heath and individual needs
  • Determine the nutritional requirements of particular groups and act to further a healthy community
  • Recognize the particular dietary practices of the country’s multicultural groups, so as to offer nutritional advice adapted to their needs and customs
  • Master the tools for basic nutrition information retrieval as well as for electronic communication
  • Apply management principles to the various areas of activity in dietetics 
  • Act ethically in the practice of their profession.

Program Philosophy

In order to prepare future dietitians to play an important role in the area of health care, we members of the Honours Program in Nutrition Sciences believe that we must

  • Offer students a solid grounding in the sciences so that their practice will reflect cutting edge knowledge in the field throughout their career
  • Strike a fine balance between the scientific and practical aspects of professional dietitian training
  • Create a positive learning environment, where students feel comfortable asking questions, expressing their ideas and involving themselves in problem-solving
  • Encourage professors to seek to better themselves, both as teachers and researchers.