Tomasz Deren

Tomasz Deren

Graduate Student (MSc)

Tomasz recently graduated with an MSc from the University of Ottawa in December 2011. He worked in the Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Ollie Jay for 2 years (2009-2011). Tomasz is now working for the Department of National Defence in Ottawa, Canada.


Deren TM, Coris EE, Bain AR, Walz S and Jay O (2012) Sweating is greater in NCAA football linemen independently of heat production. Med Sci Sports Exerc;44(2):244-52

Jay O, Bain AR, Deren TM, Sacheli M and Cramer MN (2011) Large differences in peak oxygen uptake do not alter the change in core temperature and thermoregulatory sweating during exercise. Am J Physiol Regu Integr Comp Physiol;301(3):R832-41.

Bain AR, Deren TM and Jay O (2011) Describing individual variation in whole-body and local sweating during exercise in a temperate environment. Eur J Appl Physiol;111(8):1599-607.


Deren TM, Coris EE, Casa DJ, DeMartini JK, Bain AR, Walz S and Jay O (2012) Differences in self-generated convection and heat balance status in NCAA Linemen and Backs. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, May 29-June 2, San Francisco, CA, USA

Deren TM, Coris EE, Bain AR, Casa DJ, Walz S and Jay O (2011) Regional sweating differs between elite American football linemen and backs independently of metabolic heat production. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, May 31-June 4, Denver, CO, USA. – Recipient of 2011 Jack Borgenicht ACSM Award for best MSc abstract in Environmental Physiology