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CONFERENCE (In French Only) - « Faire l'histoire du corps » - September 29, 2015

Georges Vigarello
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Canadian Sport Policy 2012

The Research Centre is proud to announce that one of its members, professor Milena Parent, has recently been selected for membership on the new Canadian Sport Policy Implementation and Monitoring Work Group for the surveillance and implementation of the Canadian Sport Policy of 2012.  As the name suggests, this group composed of experts and representatives from the Federal, Provincial and Territorials governments has the mandate of monitoring the initial and ongoing implementation of the new Canadian Sport Policy over the next ten years.

Congratulations, Milena!

Sports Law

Professor John Barnes has donated part of his collections of sports law books to the Brian Dickson law library, which is situated on the fifth floor of Fauteux Hall.  All members of the Centre are invited to visit the new section.  For more information, visit the library's web page here.


Building Sustainable Sport Programs for Aboriginal Youth

In collaboration with the Right To Play Organization, as well as the Moose Cree, Sandy Lake and Wapekeka First Nations, a research team composed of four RCSCS members seeks to support program research, design, monitoring and evaluation and community engagmeent to ensure implementation of a successful community program in First Nation communities.

For more information regarding the University of Ottawa and Right To Play Partnership, click here for a two-page project summary and click here to see a PDF version of the poster presented at the Sport Canada conference last Fall.


Dear members and students of the Centre, please take note the details of the next two workshops:

To participate in a workshop, you need to contact Christine Dallaire in order to obtain a copy of the paper.  For more information on workshops, please click here

aboriginal peoples and sport in canada book cover

Professor Audrey Giles is co-author of the book Aboriginal Peoples and Sport in Canada: Historical Foundations and Contemporary Issues.  The book uses sport as a lens through which to examine Aboriginal peoples’ issues of individual and community health, gender and race relations, culture and colonialism, and self-determination and agency. In this ground-breaking volume, leading scholars offer a multidisciplinary perspective on how unequal power relations influence the ability of Aboriginal people in Canada to implement their own visions for sport. The diverse analyses illuminate how Aboriginal people employ sport as a venue through which to assert their cultural identities and find a positive space for themselves and upcoming generations in contemporary Canadian society. (Description from the publisher). For more information, click here.

Key concepts in sport management book cover
Professor Milena Parent is co-author of the book Key Concepts in Sport Management that offers students a better understanding of both the theory and the practice of sport management, the sports industry and broader concerns for management, sports law and media and broadcasting.