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Special Grants


Faculty funds are provided for special grants of a maximum of 5000$ for research expenses which are not covered by the other funding programs. Funds for these special requests originate from research contract overhead allocated to the Faculty through the University Central Administration. Approval of special funding requests is thus contingent on available funds.

Applicant Eligibility

The Faculty of Health Sciences Special Grants are intended for professors who are full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty. Priority is generally given to:

  • Researchers who have generated research contract overhead.
  • Newly hired faculty in tenure-track positions requiring special funds.

Requests are considered only after other sources have been explored. This must be outlined in the letter of application. Only one request within a 36-month period will be considered.


Types of Requests

Any expense that is directly related to advancing the research program may be considered. Some examples are:

  • Equipment and equipment repairs
  • Funds for research release time that has been negotiated with the applicant's Director, the Vice-Dean (Professional Affairs) and the Dean
  • Special travel, for example special invitations to participate in a research think tank or a round table
  • Funds to host special meetings for research groups
  • Salary for consultants, support personnel for specific tasks

Submission Deadlines

Applications must be submitted to the Vice-Dean, Research but there are no deadlines per se.

Application Procedures

Written requests for funding are sent to the Vice-Dean, Research. Because of the nature of this fund, researchers must present a compelling argument for funding. The application must include the following:

  • A strong argument explaining how the request will benefit the researcher, their School, the Faculty and the University. If there are benefits to graduate students these should be identified.
  • Identification of how the researcher and Vice-Dean, Research will evaluate the outcome/impact of the funding. A time frame for evaluation/deliverables must be included.
  • A detailed budget. If funds for equipment are being requested, the researcher must demonstrate that this equipment is not available elsewhere at the university or, within reasonable availability. Quotes from three suppliers must be provided. If a sole supplier exists, appropriate documentation is required.
  • A letter of support from the investigator's Director.