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Natalie Durand-Bush

Associate Professor
Room : MNT 369
Telephone : (613) 562-5800 ext. 4281
Fax: (613) 562-5149
E-mail : ndbush@uottawa.ca

  • Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies


Dr. Natalie Durand-Bush is an Associate Professor of sport psychology in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. Her research aims to understand the self-regulatory processes and skills underlying the development of optimal performance and well-being in different contexts including sport, medicine, the performing arts, and academia. Professor Durand-Bush also investigates mental training interventions designed to help individuals not only achieve performance excellence but also manage stress and reduce burnout. Dr. Durand-Bush is the co-author of the Ottawa Mental Skills Assessment Tool (OMSAT-3*©), an instrument developed to evaluate several mental skills necessary for consistent high-quality performance. She has presented over 125 research and applied papers at national and international conferences. She has also published 24 peer-reviewed articles, 4 book chapters, as well as her own lifeskills workbook. Dr. Durand-Bush was the Chair for the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and the Vice-President of the International Society of Sport Psychology from 2005-2009. She received the Young Scientist Award from the Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology in 1998.

Aside from teaching and conducting research at the University of Ottawa, Dr. Durand-Bush has been working for the past 17 years as a mental performance consultant with hundreds of athletes aged between 8 and 60 years and competing at different levels in various sports (ex. hockey, gymnastics, figure skating, alpine and cross country skiing, taekwondo, badminton, water polo, basketball, volleyball, tennis, ringette, cycling, rowing, etc.). This includes athletes from five Canadian national teams, a men's major junior hockey team, two University varsity teams, and professional / amateur athletes from the Peak Centre for Human Performance in Ottawa, Ontario and Physio Outaouais in Gatineau, Québec. Dr. Durand-Bush’s professional experience and competencies are considered an asset to her intervention-based research and teaching in sport psychology and counseling.

University Degrees

Year Degree Specialty Institution
  Ph.D. Education Ottawa
  M.A. Human Kinetics Ottawa
  B.A. Kinanthropology Ottawa

Research Interests

  • Optimal Performance and Well-Being
  • Self-Regulation Skills and Processes
  • Stress and Burnout
  • Assessment of Mental Skills

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Nathalie Durand-Bush

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