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*Degrees shown are from the University of Ottawa unless otherwise indicated.

Professors - School of Nursing

CHARTRAND, Julie, RN, MScN (Fast-track), PhD, Assistant Professor.  Family-centered care;  parental involvement in child care;  preoperative preparation of parents and children;  nurse-family collaborative partnerships;  quantitative research;  evaluation and development of interventions for pediatric nursing practice examples;  francophone minority family health.

DAVIES, Barbara, RN, BScN(Tor.), MScN(Tor.), PhD(Tor.), Full Professor.  Knowledge transfer; maternal infant health; collaborative multi-disciplinary maternity care; supportive care in childbirth; clinical practice guidelines.

EDWARDS, Nancy, RN, BScN(Wdsr.), MSc(McM.), PhD(McGill), Full Professor.  International health; multiple interventions for community health; fall prevention for seniors; knowledge transfer and utilization (practice, programs and policy); mixed methods designs.

ETOWA, Josephine, RN, BScN(Dal.), MN(Dal.), PhD(Cal.), Full Professor.  Inequities in health and health care; diversity in Nursing; women’s health; qualitative research; critical theory; participatory action research (PAR) approaches.

FORGERON, Paula, RN, BScN(St. Francis Xavier). MN(Dalhousie), PhD(Dal.), Assistant Professor.  Social functioning of adolescents with chronic pain; pediatric pain management; global health; knowledge translation; mixed methods.

FOTH, Thomas, BScN(Bremen), MScN(Bremen), PhD, Assistant Professor. Nursing history and discourse analysis; ethics; actor-network theory; subjectification processes and nursing; critical theory and “Frankfurt School”; queer theories and postcolonial theories; professionalization.

GAGNON, Marilou, RN, BScN(Mtl.), MScN(Mtl. fast track), PhD, Associate Professor.  Critical theory and feminist perspectives; medico-pharmaceutical complex; interface body-technology; people living with HIV/AIDS (women living with HIV/AIDS); marginalization and Deviance; politics of HIV/AIDS; women’s health.

GIFFORD, Wendy, RN, Assistant Professor.  Leadership for knowledge translation;  implementation science;  clinical practice guideline use; community health care;  clinical audit and feedback;  managerial evidence-informed decision making; fall prevention, pain management and diabetic foot ulcers

GUIMOND, Pierrette, RN, BScN, B.Ed, M.Ed. PhD(UQAM), Assistant Professor.  Decision making; experiential learning; critical thinking; reflective practice; preceptorship; clinical teaching.

HARRISON, Denise, RN, BN(Deakin), MN(Melbourne), PhD(Melbourne), Associate Professor.  Pain management in sick infants; Sucrose analgesia in diverse populations of infants and children; Knowledge translation of research into clinical practice

HOLMES, Dave, RN, BScN, MScN, PhD(Mtl.), Full Professor.  Critical theory; post-structuralism; queer theory; governmentality; social control; forensic psychiatry; sexuality; public health.

JACOB, Jean Daniel, RN, BScN, MScN, PhD, Associate Professor.  Critical theory; violence and risk management; psychiatric nursing; forensic psychiatric nursing; socio-political aspects of nursing; ethics.

LALONDE, Michelle, BScN(Ottawa), MScN(Toronto), PhD(Toronto), Assistant Professor.  Health services; organizational socialization; new graduate nurse transition; preceptorship; emotional intelligence; nursing work environments; clinical teaching; simulation.

LAPERRIÈRE, Hélène, N., B.Sc.N (UQTR), M.Sc.N.(UdeM), Ph.D. in Public Health (UdeM), Associate Professor. Community nursing; community evaluation; partnership state/popular civil society; collection action; formation of health professionals from minorities; care and cooperative housing; HIV/AIDS; popular education in health; Latin America; systematization of experiences; collective research and volunteering. 

McPHERSON, Christine, RN, BSc(Psychology)(Plymouth, UK), MSc(Health Psychology)(Surrey, UK), PhD(Health Psychology)(King’s College London, UK), Associate Professor. Palliative care (symptom management and psychosocial issues); health psychology (chronic disease); social gerontology; research methods (qualitative, quantitative); systematic reviews.

MOREAU, Denise, RN, BScN(UQTR), MScN(Mtl), PhD ETEC (Concordia), Associate Professor. Women's health (adult & youth); health of francophone women living in a minority situation in Canada; maternity representations & practices; health communication; health promotion.

NOEL-WEISS, Joy, RN, BScN, BEd(Brock), MScN, PhD, Associate Professor.  Human lactation and breastfeeding; nursing; ethics (theory and application); ethical dilemmas for nurses and for lactation consultants; maternal breastfeeding self-efficacy;  peer support for women who want to breastfeed.

O'BYRNE, Patrick, RN, BScN(Ottawa), MScN, PhD, Associate Professor.  Marginalized populations;  Sexual health; sexually transmitted infections and HIV; critical theory and politics; nursing.

PERRON, Amélie, RN, BScN, MScN (Montréal-fast track), PhD, Associate Professor. Marginalized populations; psychiatry and mental health; forensic nursing; identity and subjectivity; risk; power relationships; ethics and politics; critical theory; discourse deconstruction; policy deconstruction; epistemology.

PETERSON, Wendy, RN, BScN(Ottawa), PhD(McMaster), Associate Professor. Perinatal health services for priority ('vulnerable') populations, pregnant and parenting youth, postpartum nursing care of adolescent mothers, mental health and adolescent parenthood, health care provider-client relations, patient satisfaction, access to determinants of health, integration of preventive services and interdisciplinary collaboration, qualitative methods, survey development and psychometrics.

PHILLIPS, J. Craig, BSN(Central Florida), MSN (Florida International), LLM (St. Thomas University), PhD(Florida International), Associate Professor.  The ecosocial context of health as a human right; vulnerable populations; sexual minority health and gay men's health; HIV; HIV antiretroviral therapy adherence; smoking cessation; ecosocial theory; social epidemiology.

POLOMENO, Viola, RN, BSc(McGill), MSc(A)(McGill), PhD(Montreal), Associate Professor. Perinatal sexuality; intimacy of the parenting couple; relationship love-health; intervention programs on intergenerational family health promotion; Perinatal education; perceptual interpersonal approach; development, psychometric evaluation and translation of family research instruments.

SQUIRES, Janet, RN, BScN(Memorial University of NFLD), MScN(Memorial University of NFLD), PhD(University of Alberta), Assistant Professor.  Knowledge translation/research utilization; Organizational context (the work environment); Intervention design and evaluation; Measurement (survey development and psychometric evaluation); Quantitative and mixed methods research; Systematic reviews.

STACEY, Dawn, RN, BScN(McMaster), MScN(Ottawa), PhD(Ott.), CON(C), Full Professor.  Patient decision making (nurse coaching, patient decision support tools); knowledge translation to patients; telephone nursing; implementation of innovations in practice/organizations; oncology supportive care nursing.

THIFAULT, Marie-Claude, RN, BA (Histoire)(UQAM), MA(Histoire)(UQAM), PhD (Histoire)(Ottawa), Associate Professor.  Histoire des soins infirmiers au Canada ; histoire des femmes au Québec et au Canada ; histoire des religieuses hospitalières ; histoire de la vie asilaire 19e et 20e siècle ; femmes et marginalité ; genre et folie; approche : histoire culturelle, histoire des sentiments.

TOURIGNY, Jocelyne, RN, BSc(Mtl), MSc(Mtl), PhD(Laval), Full Professor.  Pre-operative preparation of children and parents ; emotional distress in young children ; parents’ involvement in children’s ambulatory care; fathers’ involvement in children’s health care;  partnership model for parents and professionals.

VANDERSPANK-WRIGHT, Brandi, RN, MScN, PhD, Assistant Professor.  Critical care nursing;  palliative care;  acute care;  nursing and technology;  qualitative research;  social history.

VANDYK, Amanda RN, BScN(Queens), MScN(Queens), PhD(Queens), Assistant Professor.  Emergency department frequent presenters; mental health care; integration of palliative principles into mental health care; theoretical underpinnings of mental health services; continuity of care.

WRIGHT, David, RN, BSc (McGill), MScA (McGill), Ph.D. Assistant Professor.  Palliative care; nursing ethics; relational ethics; delirium; euthanasia and assisted suicide;  palliative sedation; qualitative research; ethnography.