Faculty HS | School of Rehabilitation Sciences

Administrative Staff

Assistant to the Director
Carole Langevin
Office: RGN 3071
Phone: 613-562-5436
E-mail: carole.langevin@uOttawa.ca

Clinical Coordinator - Physiotherapy Program
Mark Scheer
Office: RGN 3071
Phone: 613-562-8013
E-mail: Mark.Scheer@uOttawa.ca

Clinical Coordinator - Occupational Therapy Program
Marie-Claude Rouleau
Office: RGN 3071
Phone: 613-562-8014
E-mail: marieclaude.rouleau@uOttawa.ca

Clinical Coordinator - Speech Language Pathology Program
Lynn Metthé
Office: RGN 3071
Phone: 613-562-3067
E-mail: lmetthe@uottawa.ca

Lynn Metthé
Secretary, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Audiology and Speech-Langauge Pathology Programs
joëlle SKAF
Office: RGN 3071
Phone: 613-562-8393
E-mail: hss-esr@uottawa.ca

Secretary, Clinical Education
Gisèle Pilon-Brant
Office: RGN 3071
Phone: 613-562-5430
E-mail: gpilonbr@uottawa.ca

Gisele Pilon
Financial and Physical Resources Officer
Chantal Dubé
Office: RGN 3068
Phone: 613-562-8049
E-mail: cdube@utottawa.ca

Academic Secretariat
Office : RGN 2016
Phone: 613-562-5310
Fax: 613-562-5257
E-mail: sante-health@uottawa.ca