Student Life

Testimonials in Audiology

Testimonial #1: Studies in Audiology

Christine Turgeon

I have always wanted to work in the health care field. It is important for me to know that I will be able to help people through my work. Audiology was therefore an excellent career choice for me.

I like the importance of the helping relationship as much as that of technology that exists in this profession. I was happy to find out that many jobs are available in audiology and that we can choose our future direction according to our preferences and interests, given the diversity that exists in the field of audiology.

I have no regrets about deciding to study audiology and would recommend this profession to anyone who, like me, is interested in the field of health care and helping relationships, and who likes challenges!

Christine Turgeon

Testimonial #2: Audiology Graduation Party

Once again, the graduating class of the master's in speech-language pathology and in audiology gathered to celebrate the end of their studies with a graduation ball. For some, the occasion marked the end of sleepless nights in front of textbooks and notes; for others, it was simply a dream come true, and others still saw it as a gateway to new adventures. Either way, the graduation ball commemorated a great accomplishment!

In 2007, the memorable soiree was held on the 21st of April, at the Manoir du Château in downtown Ottawa. Here’s a glimpse of the evening unfolded:

It started off with a fabulous buffet designed to suit everyone’s tastes. After the meal, it was time for a laugh-filled original dialogue by our program director, Linda Garcia, and our academic coordinator of clinical education, Lynn Metthé, in the style of the popular Têtes à Claques. Then, awards were presented to every student, highlighting each one’s most charming trait. But the most touching part of the evening was a beautifully evocative slide show that captured many moments of the students’ past two years in the program, and took us down the long, winding road they had valiantly traveled. Finally, as do all worthy celebrations, the night ended with plenty of music and all sorts of shenanigans on the dance floor. By all accounts, it was a blast!

Congratulations everyone, and see you all in 10 years for our reunion!