Student Life

Testimonial in Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy was a natural choice for me because it is a good match for my creative side, as well as my interest in science and my humanitarian bent.

I am confident that I have a solid foundation on which to build my career, thanks to a challenging program centered on clinical experience and instruction by wonderful, dedicated professors. I especially liked the many labs presented by clinicians on orthotics manufacturing, the fitting of prosthetics, wheelchair assessment and a number of other topics. In those labs, I got the chance to put theory into practice and put my knowledge to use.

Studying at the University of Ottawa was a positive experience in which I got to have many rewarding experiences, including a fieldwork placement in England, thanks to the scholarship program. Since classes are quite small, my classmates and I had the chance to build strong friendships. We became a little family. These relationships strengthened over time because of the many outings and parties organized by the student council. At the University of Ottawa, I found a place that was conducive to attaining my goals and career objectives, i.e., to be a qualified occupational therapist who will contribute to the growth of the profession.

Caroline Gaudet