Student Life

Testimonials in Speech-Language Pathology

Testimonial #1: Studies in Speech-Language Pathology


My name is Annik Sigouin, and I have been a student at the University of Ottawa for six years now. I completed a bachelor’s degree with double major in linguistics and psychology, so I could go on to a master’s in speech-language pathology. The University of Ottawa was my first choice because its program offered something I could not find elsewhere in Canada: a bilingual education! Upon completing my studies, I would be trained to work in both official languages, which for me is a great advantage. It seems like just yesterday, I was overjoyed to receive an offer of admission to the speech-language pathology program here. During our first days in the program, the professors and support staff quickly made us feel at home. They were there to support us on our journey, creating valuable connections. I was also lucky enough to meet 23 incredible women who were both my classmates and my second family for two years. I have now reached the end of my program and I highly value the education I have received. I leave not only with the knowledge and tools to succeed in my career, but also with friendships that will last a lifetime!

Annik Sigouin

Testimonial #2: Speech-Pathology Graduation Party

The graduation ball is the perfect way to celebrate two years of hard work with those who have been an integral part of students’ lives: classmates, friends, family and professors. The evening will include a cocktail reception, dinner, photo presentation, speeches from the director and professors, distribution of albums and surprise gifts, and a dance. The celebration will give students a chance to spend one last evening with those who were there during important times in the last few months. The ball therefore marks the end of an important phase in each student’s life.

A student