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Free Workshop on Study Techniques

The Faculty of Health Sciences Mentoring Centre is happy to offer you a free workshop in order to help you develop your study techniques in time for the final exam period.

Theme: Develop your Study Strategies.
When: Wednesday, November 18th 2015
Time: 10:00-11:30
Where: LMX339

Come and join us!

The Mentoring team

Career Development Day

Our objectives

In parternship with the Student Academic Success Services (SASS), the Faculty of Health Sciences Student Mentoring Program aims to motivate student academic, personal and professional excellence, foster a sense of community and promote the inclusion, autonomy and the retention of all students enrolled at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Our student Mentoring Program

  • Exceptional peer support for all students in the Faculty of Health Sciences.
  • Champion academic, personal and professional skills mentoring.
  • Locations:  Montpetit Hall.

Our team

Stellar students engaged in the university community. Professionally trained in study skills and peer mentoring.

Front row (left to right): Sarah Saroop, Camille Cusson-Dufour, Catherine Larocque, Rowan Terrell, Natania Abebe
Middle row (left to right): Julie Lapenskie, Sadad Rahman
Last row (left to right): Kelsey Mongrain, Jade Taki, Suzanne Biagé, Eyal Podolsky, Ryan Séguin, Alexandre Riopel

Our approach

  • Individualized mentoring
  • Study groups
  • Workshops
  • Discussion forums
  • Online mentoring

How students mentors from the Faculty of Health Sciences can help you

  • Time management skills: Set realistic schedules, determine priorities and identify time wasters.
  • Exam preparation skills: Strategies for writing efficiently, pacing yourself , reviewing material and dealing with multiple-choice exams.
  • Stress management: Identify stressors, learn how to physically relax, balance academic demands and extracurricular activities like volunteer work.
  • Motivation and concentration: Identify strategies for maintaining your motivation and dealing with distracters that foil your focus.

Available Resources

  • Study groups offered in English: ANP1105, APA1313, HSS2305, PHS4300
  • Study groups offered in French: APA1713, HSS2705, PHS4700
  • Individual meetings with a student mentor in your program.

Office Hours

Study Group Timetable