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Special Students

Definition of Special Student (Undergraduate)

Persons allowed by the University to register for undergraduate courses, for credit or as auditors, without seeking a degree, diploma or a certificate from the University.


Courses offered to special students


Registration – Detailed procedures

Registration begins August 21, 2012

Registration by email or by phone is not accepted.

  • Please be sure to print and fill out the registration form beforehand.
  • Bring all necessary documents (transcripts, letters, etc.).
  • Register at the appropriate location depending on your special student category:

    • Personal interest
      Register in person at InfoService located in Tabaret Hall at 75 Laurier Avenue East.

    • Professional certification, transfer of credits, upgrading, gifted students or students from Carleton University
      Register in person at the Faculty of Health Sciences' Undergraduate Studies Office located in Montpetit Hall at 125 University (room 232).


Learn more about special students

Please visit the uOttawa Special students page for additional information regarding:

  • Admission requirements
  • Special student categories
  • Restrictions
  • General regulations
  • Registration procedures
  • Course changes or cancellation of registration
  • Academic Records
  • Student identification cards